Horror book cover

The book cover of "RISING DEATH" was changed and my zombie makeup, has made it onto the book cover.


"It was a beautiful journey and a unique experience" - Martina Haßler


Bookauthor: Dennis Kazek  

Model: Martina Haßler 

Foto: Markus Kalker

Book Story 

A pandemic has turned most of the population into soulless beasts. Overpowering, they roam the countryside and mercilessly go in search of food. In this world, Viktor Mason has long since said goodbye to humanity. But when young Jessy enters his life, he begins to wonder if the secret he carries is worth so much suffering. Many miles away, young Kaylee finally wants to reunite with her family after years apart - but then this zombie apocalypse changes everything. She escapes from prison and embarks on a dangerous journey to Tennessee. With her skills as a serial killer, she seems to be doing just fine in this brutal world. Will she achieve her goal? And if so, at what cost? - Dennis Kazek

Background story
When a call was started on Facebook that zombie actors were wanted for a book trailer, I immediately contacted the author and ended up meeting him inperson. Since I already belong to the zombie actors scene for years and had a lot of experience, I taught the other actors how they can make up. We shot a whole weekend mostly in the rain or in cold conditions in the forest and a homestead. But we never let it spoil our mood and it was a unique and beautiful time.
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