What Darkcolorsart stands for

Authentic & NEAR

Arrogant artist ? ... not with me !

It is important to me to have a real contact with you, I want that we are always on the same eye level. Because only with unfiltered, friendly and clearly understandable communication you can understand each other.
Just call me Tina :) 


Word Goulash Vouchers

NO BODY IS PERFECT - I can paint well but since I am dyslexic and have designed my website alone, I will delight you all around with my grandiose and legendary penmanship. This is probably hard for one or the other to endure but my mistakes are your luck !  Because there is a 10€ coupon for you every time you point out a spelling mistake or a strange sentence structure.


FAIR & Cordial

We all know that ... something has not gone as you imagined, you're pissed off and can not get a grip and do not sleep for days. I don't want to put you in this situation and never leave you alone. Therefore, I will always look for a good solution for both of us! Even if it's gone stupid.


Darkcolorsart is still very new and currently run the site part-time, which means that not everything is perfect yet. But I attach great importance to quality and development. It is important to me to always give my best for you to always evolve and learn from all mistakes. Therefore, I promise you, always my best possible quality and 100% response to feedback.

I thank you at this point already for every order, trust and support <3


Who doesn't know this... you go to a website and thousands of phrases, banners, links, news, trust seals and other nonsense pop up. This is mostly advertising that does not inspire confidence and is often bought or written by yourself. I promise you, I will never bombard you with newsletters, banners or other offers or buy or even write myself positive feedbacks. I want you to be able to store in a relaxed way without annoying interruptions and I am happy about real feedbacks!